Jiangsu Huayi Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Xiting Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, and is only about ten minutes away by car from Yanhai highway and Nantong airport. The company cover an area of 30 acre, with fixed asset of more than 30 million RMB. Since 12 years after establishment of company, we specialize in manufacturing sueding machine, inspecting and rolling machine to achieve the leading enterprise in the area of manufacturing these machines. Our products have been exported to USA, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and etc.

The company adhere to the purpose of technology thrive enterprise, develop HUAYI spirit of persistent and dauntless, pioneering, innovation, achieving the first class, focus on multi-dimensional development of sueding machine. We meet the clients' changing need through fast reaction and improve the technology of production and service quality through technology innovation, management innovation, research and development of high-new technology products to create high-end brand to win glary for the nation. ......<<More

Success case:
Knitting:puning yinhua, Shandong HuaXin, Zhejiang MeiSheng
Printing:Huzhou Xinda,?jiangyin sanfangxiang, Shanxi HuaJin
Textile:Shandong wande , huada eryin, shaoxing bailong
Super fiber leather:wuxi shuang xiang,shandong wanhua, jian MITSUBISHI
Vacuum cleaner ( cleaning cloth, bristles machine, suction hair machine )
Knitting:shandong zhonghe, jiangsu xiongying, taicang gangrong
Printing:zhejiang huili 、feiya 、changzhou aipuer
Cowboy: guangdong kangjian 、chuangjing 、kaipingfulin
Yarn-dyed:shandong sanhe 、haian lianfa 、nantong dingrun
Superfine fiber suede:wujiang sanlian 、zhejiang meisheng 、jiaxing jinle


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Sueding Machine
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Air Soft Finishing Machine


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Jiangsu Huayi Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Add:#1 Ting nan heng Road,Xiting Town,Tongzhou District,Nantong,Jiangsu,China
Mobile:13809088606 13809088520

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